At Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile we are pleased to be an integral part in our community. We are committed to making our area a better place to live. Because we are proud of the products we sell we have developed a program to encourage safe, legal and responsible consumption of all of our products.

Underage drinking is a growing concern. Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile, L.L.C. has made many efforts to help combat this problem on our community. We have joined forces with representatives from law enforcement agencies, public and private schools, college administrators, the Drug Education Council and the county health department to form an Underage Drinking Taskforce which confronts the problem of underage drinking in our community.

Stressing responsibility education, Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile, L.L.C. offers TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures). A nationally recognized program, TIPS trains managers, bartenders and wait staff to serve alcohol responsibly in any setting. Those who participate in the class recognize signs of intoxication, learn to prevent alcohol sales to minors and to intervene with patrons who are already intoxicated.

Information encouraging parents to talk to their children about the use and misuse of alcohol has been distributed to thousands of families in our area. We have worked with local elementary, middle and high schools, area colleges, local physicians, merchants, the Girl Scouts, and numerous civic organizations to help us deliver our responsibility message.

Our sales and marketing teams are encouraged to create new and innovative promotions always keeping responsibility in mind. They are also required to display our responsibility message on all signs, posters, banners, trucks and other forms of advertising.

We at Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile, L.L.C. spend many hours communicating our commitment to encourage responsibility not only on the local level but also on the state and national scene. We are proud of our efforts and know that we are making a difference in the lives of all those we serve.